Mohanlal is a Malayalam Movie Actor and one among the most popular names in the Indian film industry. He had immense respect for Indian Army and he always wanted to become part of Indian Army, but life took a different turn and he eventually became an actor. His respect and regards for the men in uniform continued even after becoming an actor, and he kept expressing his immense gratitude for the brave soldiers who safeguard our boundary through his Television Interviews and Write ups.

About Army

Indian Army

Grit and experience affect the growth of an institution. Fighting four major wars, insurgency and other low intensity wars has indeed made the Indian Army an eminently and efficient battle trained, war machine. Changing times bring changing needs. Battle training must tell also on the structuring of the army, for it is this function that extracts the most from the assets available, both men and material.

Territorial Army

The English raised the Territorial Army in 1920 through Indian Territorial Act of 1920 and it was comprised of two wings namely - 'The Auxiliary Force' for Europeans & Anglo-Indians, and 'The Indian Territorial Force' for Indian Volunteers. After Independence the Territorial Army Act was passed in 1948 and the first Indian Governor General Shri C. Rajagopalachari formally inaugurated the Territorial Army. It is celebrated with the Prime Minister's TA Day Parade every year.

Careers & Jobs

Permanent Commission

A Permanent Commission means a career in the Army till you retire. For this you have to join National Defense Academy or Indian Military Academy

Short Service Commission

A Short Service Commission empowers you with analytical thinking, planning skills, administrative and organizational abilities since the 1500s.

Mode of Entry Officers

This section has Eligibility Criteria and other related details necessary to know for joining various departments under Indian Army.

Recruitment of other Ranks

Recruitment in the Army is broad based. Every male citizen, irrespective of caste, class, religion and domicile, is eligible for recruitment in the Army

Categories of Entry

About various Categories under Indian Army which recruits youngsters and details regarding the age limit and educational qualification

Join the Territorial Army

History and Introduction about the Territorial army and also details about its regiments, recruitments ,training sessions and other salient features.


LT. COL. (HON) Mohanlal's Gallery

Visiting 122 TA Battalion @ Kannur, 2018
Visiting 122 TA Battalion @ Kannur
Visiting 122 TA Battalion @ Jammu Kashmir

My Blogs

Blogs on Nation and Soldiers.

Blog - March 2016
Video blog - March 2016


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